Thursday, January 2, 2014

Growing with Beachbody --> In so many ways!

In April of 2013, I wasn't in a position where I needed to lose weight -- in fact, I was the opposite. I've been a "skinny" girl my whole life, but what I came to learn in some pretty drastic ways SKINNY does NOT mean HEALTHY or FIT.  

To be clear, it wasn't a disorder that caused me to be thin. In the same way people become OVERWEIGHT, it was simply a case of ME not PRIORITIZING my HEALTH.  My husband was usually away at work, I had a toddler, and an infant. I was miles and miles from family that could give me a break and as a result, I was just BUSY. So, making meals and making time to eat just wasn't something that happened. 

Then, my low caloric intake landed my SON in the hospital. He was strictly breastfed, and I wasn't making enough to keep up with him…OR ME. I was a 5'7'' twenty-five-year-old mother of 2…weighing in at less than 100 pounds. OBVIOUSLY ---> I needed a change physically. 

But to be honest, that wasn't the BIGGEST change I needed. For two very busy years, I had been supporting my husband on an amazing (and unpredictable) journey towards his dream. Our lives had been uprooted. We'd moved from coast to coast with a toddler and a newborn. While he was away (which was A LOT)  I was responsible for childcare 24/7, keeping up with the house, keeping up with the bills, keeping up with our families and oh yea --> I was going to school, too. 

 I was drained. Although my life was abundantly blessed, I constantly focused on what I wasn't …or what I didn't have. I let negative self-talk trick me into thinking I wasn't living a good life. I let what I DID NOT HAVE cloud my view of what I DID. I compared myself to others, what they seemed to have and the "good lives" they were living. I started to question my BIG decisions. Were they the right ones? Did I make some sort of horrible, life-altering mistake that, at this point, couldn't be UNDONE? Was this just how my story was going to be? 

Typical, right? A young woman with lots of potential, drowning in the responsibilities of being a mother to young children while her husband was away in pursuit of his career. We've all seen this play out. Was this just how LIFE was DESIGNED?  --->  I was convinced it was. 

Then Beachbody came into my life.  What began as something I needed to do for my own health became time I started to take for myself. (LITERALLY, something I hadn't done in YEARS.) That 30-45 minutes a day I was doing something that made me feel like I was moving. It was something good in what seemed like an ocean of not-so-good. So, I dove deeper into the business. I started making friends with other coaches. People who were living lives similar to mine --> but setting GOALS and DREAMING together, instead of pouring DRINKS and COMPLAINING together. I was being surrounded by people who understood there were some DOWN SPOTS, but knew how to work through them EFFECTIVELY, instead of making those little pits in the road BLACK HOLES. In short, I was just gaining a POSITIVE influence in my life. I was watching other people who were struggling FAIL FORWARD and LEARN instead of passively ACCEPTING the role "life" handed them. 

So now, almost a YEAR later I've experienced first hand what this "coaching" thing is all about. I've been fulfilled in ways I couldn't have imagined…in places I didn't know needed filling. I've learned we ALL have negative self-talk and feelings of "I did something wrong" --> and the truth is WE HAVE ALL done SOMETHING wrong. But the past is the past, and the FUTURE is yours to create. I'm so GRATEFUL to be creating a POSITIVE future for my children, my marriage, my extended family and MYSELF. A future with POSITIVITY, prosperity, FREEDOM and fulfillment. <3. 

If you are like me, and having a hard time accepting what "life gave you" --> we should chat! Through Beachbody, I have learned to better myself from the INSIDE OUT and I have complete CONFIDENCE that if you are struggling with where you are PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY or FINANCIALLY the opportunities available through Beachbody will transform you.