Friday, January 3, 2014

Switch it up in the KITCHEN!

We all have our FAVORITE recipes -- or simply things that we tend to make often because we know them so well.

Personally, I love these recipes. Ones I know so well I don't have to stress out trying to find my place in the instructions, or fret over whether or not my family will like it. For me, these recipes make cooking simple and relaxing for me.

Hey, it isn't like spa time happens on the regular here. I've gotta get my kicks somehow! ;)

But I'll be honest -- a lot of my favorite recipes have some ingredients that my new healthy self is starting to question a bit. Does this mean I have to stop making my beloved recipes forever? Or resign myself to finding "new" favorites?

Well, yes...and no. There are plenty of alternatives to some of those unhealthy ingredients. You may not want to switch up EVERY.SINGLE.ONE --> but every little bit helps, right?

Of course that's right.

Listed below are several common ingredients and their healthy alternatives!
** = check below for the link to these recipes!

Sugar = Unsweetened organic applesauce
Flour = Almond flour
Butter = avocado puree OR 1/2 applesauce 1/2 buttermilk (so if the recipe calls for 1 C. butter use 1/2 C. applesauce, 1/2 C. buttermilk) 
Sugar = 1/2 the amount in vanilla + 1 tsp (so if the recipe calls for 1 C. use 1/2 C. vanilla plus 1 tsp.)
Chocolate Chips = cacao nibs
pasta = zucchini ribbons
**mashed potatoes = mashed turnips or mashed cauliflower
tortilla wraps = lettuce leaves
**potato chips = kale chips (you can make those yourself!) 
Croutons on salad = nuts or seeds
milk = almond milk 
sour cream = low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese (so if the recipe calls for 1 C. sour cream use 1/2 C. yogurt, 1/2 C. cottage cheese) 
ground beef = ground turkey
heavy cream = evaporated skim milk
seasoning salt = fresh herbs
cream cheese = fat free ricotta cheese 

Over time, you will learn what you are willing to compromise on, and you may just be surprised that you don't notice a difference at all! If you are nervous, try making only 1/2 the recipe --> just for a little experiment! :)

Want to try mashed cauliflower or kale chips? <--- head here!