Friday, March 7, 2014

Today, I had FUN paying my bills.

As a high school grad, I bought into the hype that COLLEGE was THE THING to do! 

I was raised to value education, and honestly never even questioned if what I was putting IN to my degrees financially was a SMART decision. I passively accepted that the "loans would be worth it" and student loan debt was "good debt". I didn't stop to think about what my LONG-TERM goals were…but I should have. 

I never WANTED to be a career woman. Sure, I wanted a JOB. But ultimately, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom.  With this mindset - did it make sense to pour $75,000 into my education? No! But, I wasn't thinking long-term. I was thinking COLLEGE!  

Don't get me wrong. My experiences at my various schools were wonderful. I had a great time, met some amazing friends and eventually it took me on the path that led me to my husband. So, I DO NOT regret getting my education and taking the path I took. 

What I DO regret, however; is that 75k debt I carried into my marriage! <---Our payment was $500/month! 

 As a stay-at-home Mom, my income was zero. ZERO. With Jeremy's career obligations, getting a job for ME didn't even make sense. Anything I could do would involve childcare 100% of the time, and with 2 (and now THREE) in care… that wouldn't have been profitable at all! 

So, each month, I stared (usually ALONE) at our finances, wondering HOW it was all going to work and feeling guilty for my debt.  EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. It was depressing and frustrating. 

When I became a Beachbody Coach, my BIG GOAL was to make enough money to PAY MY OWN DEBT.  I wasn't sure exactly how everything was working out as we paid bills monthly, his check came bi-weekly and mine came weekly…BUT, I have known for awhile that this little "coaching" thing was helping us out quite a bit from where we were before! 

After getting my TAXES figured this year, I opened a SEPARATE account JUST for my Beachbody earnings. So, now that has been collecting for ONE MONTH I sat down to pay bills and do you know what I realized?  


Yes folks. As a stay-at-home Mom, with ZERO childcare expenses, ZERO time missed with my family and still 100% availability to my husband and his crazy unpredictable schedule...I have been single-handedly paying off my debt EVERY MONTH. 

Now, paying BILLS is NEVER fun…but I have to say…today it made me pretty proud. 

But more than proud, it has made me excited and fueled me. I'm nothing special in this industry. I have no skills or talents that give me an extra boost. If I can do this, so can YOU. I want to SHARE this opportunity with you, and encourage you to feel this same pride and excitement as you sit down each month to go over finances. If you want to learn more with no obligation, head on over here to learn more, or reach out to me through a comment below! 

I did. So can you. <3.