Monday, June 30, 2014

For the first time I'm wearing YOGA PANTS...and actually doing yoga.

I'm certainly no stranger to the black stretchy pants that make up an entire section in my closet. Yoga pants are basically all I wear out of necessity. 

(Insert Regina George saying "it's all that fits me right now"…) 

But as I put them on today it dawned on me…for the first time I'm wearing yoga pants to actually do yoga. Is that weird? 

I don't know. I'm guessing its kind of the norm. I see lots of Mommas in yoga pants and I'd like to think at least some of them haven't actually been doing yoga. 

I did the proud I'm-wearing-yoga-pants-to-do-yoga barefoot march down my hall and popped in PiYO: UPPER BODY. 

I was relieved to see the workout was only about 18 minutes. I mean - I'm all for working out…but I was kind of exhausted from the days demands. But I committed to doing this short little workout with all I had! 18 minutes to go ALL IN! 

It wasn't horrible, to be honest. I felt the burn in the trice push-ups and crouching crow position for sure -- but it was nothing I couldn't handle. 

Like before, I loved the pace of the workout and the fact that I got a lot of stretching in. I really needed my back to pop and while I haven't gotten the huge "pop of relief" I need yet, I'm starting to pop and crack (in the best kind of way) a little at a time. 

It. feels. GOOD. 

Speaking of feeling good ---> pigeon. Um, heaven for your hips. My hips have been THROUGH IT since 2010 -- getting bigger and tighter throughout pregnancies and carrying my babes around. Pigeon is my favorite thing about this whole workout. 

Up tomorrow is LOWER BODY.  I love it -- but this tired Momma is hoping that workout is also about 20 minutes… ;) 

2 DOWN… 58 to go!