Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shirt and shoes not required.

In preparation for Day #1 of my PiYO workout, I laced up my tennies -- something I haven't done in over three months. 

I'm not quite sure why. I guess Ifeel like this is something that needs to be done before working out. Funny how we get in those little habits, no? 

Shoes only hindered what I could do during PiYo and I ended up taking them off. Chalene and all her workout buddies were barefoot too, so I'm just assuming that it would be OK and not effect my results at all. 

So Tip #1: Don't waste time putting on shoes. A shirt doesn't matter much either. 

I have to say though, I really enjoyed the way this program started off. I have done a few other at-home workouts and the trainers jump right into their moves and expect you to know whats going on. Of course, over time, I generally catch on -- but it definitely means I flail around for a good week or so looking like a moron before I get the hang of it. 

Not this time, folks. 

This time, Chalene took the time to go through moves, name them, and talk about how to do them correctly.  Proper form is important to get maximum results and also to avoid injury. So -- even though Alignment isn't a "workout" like I'm used to, I'm deeming it absolutely essential to anyone who is wanting to start the PiYo workout. 

I loved the stretching. I haven't done any workouts in a few months, so my body definitely needed a good stretching. Just in this workout I felt like my arms were lengthened and I really loved the constant encouragement and form reminders. 

On top of the stretching, I was thankful for the slower pace of the workout, the modifications offered (DEFINITELY needed for this Mama!) and Chalene's encouragement to just "do what I could". 

 I know that seems like common sense, but it was nice to be reminded MANY TIMES throughout the workout that the point of the workout was to work MYSELF out, not compete with anyone else in terms of strength, tone, or flexibility. 

I found it strange how some of the moves were really quite simple, and others seemed impossible.  The half-moon pose? Out of the question. Warrior 1…. I could do that all day. Weird, right? 

Can't wait to see how much I improve!
Day #1 in the BOOKS!