Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I've got arms like Betty Spaghetti.

PiYO Day 3 is an upper body workout. 

 Understandably, some parts of my body are out of shape because of my pregnancy. My upper body is not really in that category.

 I've always had arms like Betty Spaghetti, so upper body workouts make me a bit nervous. Of course, "upper body" means ABS too, and those aren't really washboard-like just 3 weeks postpartum. 

In spite of my doubts, I pressed play anyway. I was pleased to find another short workout -- just 18 minutes! :)  

Some of the moves in this workout look tricky. Crouching crow is one of them, but after attempting it I was surprised to find I could actually do it! #hooray.

As I've said before, throughout the workouts Chalene encourages me to do what is "comfortably uncomfortable" and to push myself a little more each time. 

LESSON: Just because I can't do an "on toes" plank for the entire time Chalene does, doesn't mean I shouldn't push up to my toes for a few seconds! It feels good to challenge myself, and I know that is what will make me stronger! 

I don't feel inadequate because I use the modifier, and I feel encouraged to try just a little more than I did last time. All within the comfort of my own little workout space where no one else can judge me -- it's perfect. 

I do have one complaint: WRIST PAIN!  Ahhhh!!!  It isn't horrible, and it would probably be better if I had a yoga mat instead of just my carpet. Chalene does say that this is most likely due to poor wrist flexibility rather than wrist strength. So, I'm clinging to that and pushing through it. Luckily, once I move out of the pose and stop the workout the wrist pain doesn't linger at all.  

I also kind of hated the "v-sits" we do, as my core is w-e-a-k! But, I loved the "roll" move she incorporated and felt that was a really good stretch for my back. 

After Day #3, I'm confident I'll be able to complete this program in spite of being pretty out of shape and out of the workout-routine for some time. 

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