Monday, November 3, 2014


(and what I tell myself to make myself exercise anyway). 

I'm no girl scout. I really, really and truly dread working out. I don't like sweating, changing into workout clothes, changing out of pajamas, putting on shoes, clearing a space for me to move, breathing weird, and jumping around like an uncoordinated string bean. I don't like any of that. 

In addition, it can be especially hard juggling three babes that clamor for my attention only when I'm doing something for myself. I'm invisible if I sit and watch Curious George with them. But, if I sneak upstairs to workout...suddenly everyone needs something. Their ninja brains have alarms, I swear.

So, most days I go through a list of excuses. I seriously have to psych myself up for workouts. That's probably weird... but I bet you know the feeling. 

Here are a few of my excuses, and what I say ((yes, to myself)) to get my butt in gear! 

1. No one will notice. 
     It's true. No one will notice. Today. But in three weeks, my body will have changed. It's up to me to make that a change for the better. 
2. You can do a double tomorrow. 
     I could do a double tomorrow. But I can do a double today, too. So how about I just compromise and do two singles? See what I did there? Meeting myself halfway. 
3. The house is a mess. 
     The house is always a mess. I've got three kids under the age of four. I could spend all day cleaning and still have a messy house. 
4. I don't have energy. 
     Just press play, and see how far you get! Most days I feel more energized after a workout! It gives me the energy to get the rest of my to-do list DONE without the workout hanging over me like a dark cloud. Do the thing you dread the most, first! 
5. I deserve a rest. 
     Is that true? Perhaps. But you know whats more true? I deserve everything I've ever wanted. And that includes defined upper arms and abs I can see. I deserve to hit my goals!