Sunday, November 9, 2014


So, something has been on my heart that I want to share with all of you. 

I know it may be easy to write off Beachbody Coaching as "vain, superficial, and unimportant". It might be easy to roll your eyes like this is some sort of FAD. 

It's OK if you've thought that. I honestly did too when I first heard of the opportunity. 

But the thing're not getting the whole picture. 

I'm not here to create an army of Moms with six packs and well-toned arms.

I'm not here to dwell on LOOKS. I'm here to guide FEELINGS. Feelings of BELIEF.

Sure, sometimes that comes as a physical transformation. What used to be DISCOURAGEMENT from not fitting into ANYTHING IN YOUR CLOSET turns into EMPOWERMENT from sticking to a PLAN and hitting a GOAL. The result you can SEE is obviously physical, but the CHANGE IN EMOTION is what I'm all about.

I know that sickening feeling of having an event to go to that should be fun, but you're dreading it because you're uncomfortable with how you look. I know what it's like to second guess the love others have for you, because it's hard for you to even look at yourself. How could others want to? I know what it's like to feel out of control, left behind, over-looked and hopeless. 

And then someone came into my life that not only said she believed in me...but like, actually believed in me. It was crazy. And then, because she did... I could, too. 
For me, the culture of challenge groups and the coaching community changed all that. So as I became a coach myself, I became passionately involved in helping women for from: 


It is about eliminating BAD and replacing with GOOD. Sometimes that means going from a size 16 to a size 10. Sometimes it means from a 0 to a 4. Each woman is different. But all of the time, it means a new hope. A new confidence. A new reason to be excited, engaged, vibrant and positive. 

Whether that is solely health wise as some women choose to join as my challengers, or if it goes into the financial side as some women join my team of coaches… my HEART is with THEIR HEART.
Emotional Heath
Physical Capability
Financial Independence
That's what my team is about.
Trust that I'll be your friend first, because I KNOW how it can feel -- but also trust that there IS a way OUT. There is a way to turn EVERYTHING around.
I encourage you to reach out to me if you are feeling DEFEATED, DOUBTFUL, BORING, or STUCK. My team is built on women who know, women who relate, and women who can help you turn it all around.
We'll be starting a new challenge group AND a new coach training in a few weeks, so make sure to reach out ASAP to get all the details!

I believe in you. Now it's your turn to believe in yourself.