Thursday, November 27, 2014

Golden Birthday - 20 x 30

Today is my birthday -- my golden one at that. I am 27 on the 27th of November.

I had a very good sleep last night. The kind of sleep where you ruin all the covers. My foot was sticking out from the bottom and I just did not care at all.

When my almost four-year-old came in to tell me good morning she greeted me, one inch from my face, with "Good Morning, Mommy. You are getting bigger! Your foot sticks out now!"

Hahaha.  Happy Birthday to me, silly little girl. Someone needs to tell her that just because its good she gets bigger doesn't mean it's good everyone gets bigger. I suppose that someone is me...

I've been thinking the last week or so how I would make this day a great one. And, to be honest, there just isn't much in my control about today. Then, I remembered that my sister made a list a few years ago, a "30 by 30" list -- things she wanted to do before she hit 30.

So, since she is my older sister and I've basically copied her my whole life, I figured today I would do the same.

Ready for the list?

Let me begin with saying I only have 20 items. But I'm limited in time and obligated to mother duties, so I feel like 20 GOALS in three years is pretty reasonable.

1. Catch up on family albums. I'd like to do "yearbook" style books for each year I've had my own family to take care of. So, by 30 I should have 7 books made of photos and memories.

2. Take a photography class. 

3. Travel internationally. 

4. Be an Elite Coach with Beachbody/Manage a 6-figure business.  Honestly, this is going to be done before I'm 28. But a "1 x 28" list just sounded weird.

5. Be 100% debt-free. 

6. Have something I've written published. More than just on my blog... :) 

7. Speak at a seminar 

8. Learn how to make noodles from scratch. It just seems so Italian. (No, I'm not Italian. haha.)

9. Read 30 more books. Suggestions?

10. Sew a dress for myself.  I'm great at toddler clothes. I'd like to grow my talent!

11. Skydive. Umm...yea I know, that's a little crazy.

12. Shoot a gun. How is it I haven't shot one in my adult life? I don't know. I'm not a fan of loud noises, I guess.

13. Have a really nifty shoe holder in my closet. I know that sounds lame. Please note that I don't care how lame that is.

14. Revamp my wardrobe. I legit still wear jeans and tees from high school. At 30, that will just be weird.

15. Journal regularly. Privately, in pen.  Something cool my kids and grandkids could look at some day.

16. Be a regular at a massage place. Doesn't that sound like someplace everyone should be a regular at?

17. Have pictures in my picture frames. Why yes. I do have the families that came with the frames still...hung up on my wall. It's awkward... but also a little funny, so I don't mind. But I should put my real people in them before my kids start to notice.

18. Organize my closets. I'm talking labeled bins with gloves and sunscreen and beach towels and the works. Legit organized.

19. Have no kids in diapers. Hey -- a girl can dream! #sickofchangingdiapers

20. Learn to knit. I think it's really cool.

I can't wait to do these things, cross them off the list and share my experiences with you all! Do you have a list like this? Share it with me! I may find inspiration/time to add 10 more things to the list!