Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I can't DIET because I LOVE TO EAT.

I've had a ton of messages about the 21 Day Fix.

This program came out in February, and was an instant hit. Understandably so!

The workouts are 30 minutes.
The nutrition is simple.
The whole process is 3 weeks.

Pretty non-intimidating, right?

But I still get a lot of messages about what the nutrition is really like, so I thought I would show you how it has worked for me.

Pictured below is a classic Iowa girl meal: roast, carrots and potatoes. YES! You get to eat ALL this on the 21 Day Fix! What you see here is how I would fix my plate on a regular basis:


The way the fix works is NOT by cutting out items. It works in the area of portion control. Each food group has its own color-coded container. Here, you'll see the containers for protein, vegetables and carbs. I transferred what I normally would have made into the containers to make sure my portions were on point. 

Then, I adjusted as necessary to make each container full. It doesn't look like much in these containers, but here is what it looks like on a plate:

As you can see, I actually ended up needing to add MORE to my plate! I was pretty close with potatoes, but carrots and roast needed to be bulked up to fit the correct serving size! 

The program comes with an explanation as to what food goes in what containers, and a graph that shows you how many of each container you get based on your personal caloric needs. 

This nutrition plan is fantastic because: 
 ---> You can still cook food for your family. It isn't a "mom is eating salad again" kind of thing. 
 ---> You can eat out and with friends! You don't have to avoid social functions at ALL! 
 ---> It teaches healthy habits for LIFE, not just 21 days!

The portions become fairly easy to eye-ball as you get into the program more. All this program does is give you a better picture about what each plate should look like, and an idea of how often you should be eating throughout the day to get in all your nutrients! 

You get wine. And chocolate. And carbs. I'm telling you, if you LOVE TO EAT...this is your jam! 
(hahaha. See what I did there?)