Monday, December 1, 2014

7 Hilarious Videos That Sum Up My Day as a Mom

Being a Mom is hard.

I don't think any isolated event is truly more difficult than anything else in the world, but the fact that being a Mom literally never ends (ever), makes the tasks familiar, daunting, and endless. It can be overwhelming.

But -- if I sit in that dark place, let me tell you. It isn't good. So I have to find a few ways to laugh.

Like this cat that barks , but then starts meowing when she is caught. Kind of like your kid doing something wrong until they notice your watching.

Or these guys. Seriously? Boys are so weird.

You know those conversations when your child seemingly has something really important to say but it comes out like this?

They're being really serious about what they want to tell you, but you can't help but laugh just like this little girl does.

Of course, sometimes being a Mom makes me want to take the same jump this cat did.

Especially when I'm at the park, and my kids listen just as well as this dog does.

I finally get them to bed, because at the end of the day -- I'm really relating to this poor llama.

But it gets better. They sleep, I sleep. And we wake up at 7 am and do it all over again.