Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last Call for February Challenge!

I'm telling you IF YOU give ME: 

21 days//30 minutes a day // 80% commitment to a SIMPLE meal plan 

I'd help YOU see RESULTS. 

NOT just "oh, I'm happy I stuck with it" results...

REAL results. 

>>Inches lost. 
>>Pounds lost. 
>>Insecurities & doubts lost. 

21 days, guys. Thats enough to BE DONE before the END of February. It's enough to see if THIS could be the "thing" that gets you over the slump, and out of your rut. 

It isn't a "quick fix" but it IS a jump start to help you see that YOUR BODY is capable of CHANGE. Your MIND is able to decide and COMMIT. 

You are SO CAPABLE! 

To be considered for one of the FINAL SPOTS in this amazing group simply message me personally or fill out this quick interest form 

To learn more and see results from other challengers, simply go here, or here.