Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tried it...and it worked! Crazy.

So, I'm going to come out and say from the beginning of this post that I'm no beauty expert.

I'm "ok"with fashion and makeup and just like most girls I love getting dolled up and looking cute. But like...I'm not naturally good at it. I'm generally pretty low maintenance.

I'm that girl that could take 1-3 make up items and be 100% fine.

My #1 item? Foundation.

That's probably the wrong choice, as overall I have pretty even skin and tone. But I have struggled with bags/dark circles around my eyes for years.

I think this is pretty commonly attributed to lack of sleep. Given my last few years of life I would say that's definitely a contributing factor.


I've had this issue since high school. So, I've looked up some other factors and found sometimes it can be blamed on sodium intake or hydration levels.

Then, of course, the jerk of all causes...genetics.  The cause that no matter how hard you try you just can't reverse it. Jerk genetics.

So let's review.

I'm low maintenance + I have this problem + the products that fix this are pretty pricey.

They're also generally sold in 3-4 month quantities and are non-refundable. I hate that.

So, combine all that together and I was just dealing with my bags, ya'll.  I like to look nice... but I kind of freak out about $14 foundation at Target.  So there was no way I was spending $25-$50 on something that "might" work. (Those prices are modest guesses, by the way).

So ya, ya, ya... to the point!  I saw this video and it was pretty crazy. I had to see if it worked though, because if it was a simple fix to a real problem I have. So, I tried it.

And, it worked.

I'm sure it isn't perfect. And I'm guessing someone has a product that works better. But this was on hand, fast, and gave me all-day coverage. I was impressed, so I'm sharing it with you. 

**If it isn't obvious yet, this clearly isn't some trick I thought of on my own. I'm just sharing my experience with it**

Here is no make up me. Ugh. Yes folks. Soak in the beauty of motherhood. 

So the trick involves a red (or red/orange, depending on your skin tone) lipstick. This was the shade I used for my whitey-whitness. And no. Don't ask me the brand or the color because I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it.

Then, I did this. I applied it with a brush thing. I use the brush for eye-shadow, though that probably isn't its intended use. It has short bristles and isn't very flexible. It looked like this (yikes!)

I know. You're kind of thinking...hey Meg -- that looks worse. I know. It does. Standby. The next step is my general foundation. I think I bought an Almay brand this time. (Did I mention I'm not a professional? #idontcare)  :)

Then, I simply blended. Typically (without this trick) I would do under-eye foundation/coverage -- add the rest of my make up and then do a "second coat" of coverage. Throughout the day I'd have to re-apply (if I was going somewhere). Not with this! 


As you can see, I did just one side for you to see the difference. It is maximum coverage, doesn't feel caked on and doesn't crack or "wear off" throughout the day.

I know, I know. There is probably a legit product that can do this better. But this works for me and so I'm rolling with it! It's fast. It's cheap. It works.

Does it work for you? What crazy beauty trick do you do? Share with me! Learning about this stuff is pretty fun to me!


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