Friday, January 30, 2015

WEEK ONE RECAP: Meg Quits Candy

Last week I committed to a week without candy.

Well, candy, pop and dessert.

I made a meal plan, shopped for the necessary ingredients and was ready to go.  I haven't posted about it, so you may be wondering how I did.

I shared in the interest of staying accountable.

So let me tell you -- technically, I failed.

On Monday I bought a bag of skittles. fail. 
On Wednesday I had a handful of toffee popcorn. fail. 

But let me tell you something; I still count this week as a success.

I didn't drink pop every day. 
That bag of skittles lasted me four days. 
I did have popcorn, but I didn't eat a huge brownie.  (The snack table at MOPs was a struggle!) 

I stuck to my meal plan, but noticed that I don't need to make quite as many meals. My portions for just "me and the kids" is pretty off -- so I actually have a lot of stuff left over. I'm going to carry the ingredients into next week as I start week TWO of Meg Quits Candy. 

How do I feel? 
Honestly -- I feel pretty accomplished. My skin feels better and I'm more motivated to follow through with different things around the house. Taking small, moderate steps in the area of "sugar" has carried over to other areas and in general I'm feeling more calm, put together and determined.

How do you feel? Are you "over doing it" in a certain area?

Want to join me? Easy! Just find me on facebook or pinterest with one of the handy tabs at the top of this page and we can work out a plan!

Stay tuned for week two meal plan! 

Small steps gets you to the finish line. <3