Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Easy Way To Clean Cup Holders

Ever seen Mom-car?

You know.

The car (read: minivan) cruising around with an entire box of cheerios crushed into the carpet? The one with a Little Einsteins DVD stuck in the DVD player, stickers on the back window and mysterious goo sort of...everywhere?

Seriously. HOW IS IT ON THE CEILING. What do they do back there?

It's no secret I think children are {very adorable} domestic terrorists. And, I'm sort of waging my own war on them as I fight to maintain my sanity and keep a clean space.


Relatively, anyway.
Ok, fine. They are totally winning the war.  

Mom-car has been parked in my driveway for a solid week now. I'd been avoiding cleaning out {the entire car} because I had a small nemesis staring at me --- the cup holders.

I can vacuum & shampoo carpets and put on little extenders to my vacuum and clean out crevices and crannies... but the sticky goo that had made a home in one of my cupholders stopped me in my tracks. Until, I found this simple solution.


Because you, like me, have Mom-car I will assume that you, like me, are a Mom. Which means you not only have mom-car but you also have ALL THE ITEMS NECESSARY to win this domestic battle:

dish soap

Step 1.
Well, yes. Accept the fact this is your current reality. But take heart, brave warrior! Reach into that cup holder and clean out the trash. When I did this I made 87 cents. Not bad for a days work, 'eh?

Step 2. 
Now, you can see what you're working with. I happen to have no actual idea what that is in there. My best guess is leftover green skittles {gross}, but there is no way for me to confirm. Gather your weapons, Mommas. We're on a mission. 

You can see here that I've included Dawn dish soap, vinegar & hot water. This is my go-to cleaning concoction for basically every surface and every stain. I have no recipe, really. Just a couple squirts of soap & vinegar in hot water.  Don't forget your SECRET WEAPON, the diaper. 

Step 3. 
Pour water mixture into cup holder. I poured just an ounce or so, enough to cover the bottom. If you don't have soap/vinegar on hand, hot water alone will most likely do the trick! 

Step 4. 
Turn that diaper absorbent side out, and push it into the cup holder. Allow it to do its job --- ABSORB! Swirl it around a bit to make sure you pick up all the goo! 

Step 5. 
Have clean cup holders & solemnly swear to never allow anyone to ever eat in your car ever again under any circumstance at ALL NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Unless you have to stop and get ice cream or something. 


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